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TRACE Project


Short Profile

ACS S.M.S.A, a company of the Quest Group, has been operating in the Greek market since 1981 and is the leading company in its field, handling over 60 million shipments annually, from all its services (courier and post). The company has the largest autonomous network in Greece, with more than 600 service points (in Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria) and 3,000 specialized employees, while it has developed a state-of-the-art organization and know-how in its field, with the most modern computer equipment and automatic shipment sorting / monitoring systems. Offering over 40 years to businesses and households across the country complete, reliable, affordable and quality services to meet their urgent postal needs, ACS has unequivocally identified its name with the Courier service in Greece. Guided by innovation and Customer Experience, the company differs significantly from other courier companies, as it makes continuous investments in innovative systems, automation and new innovative services and solutions, for the most comprehensive customer service. At the same time, it constantly aims to strengthen its social contribution, implementing large-scale actions aiming at upgrading the quality of life of vulnerable groups and the wider society. 

Role in TRACE

Greek demonstrators

ACS will play a key role at the design and implementation of the Greek demonstrations, as a logistics and transportation partner
Thessaloniki to Athens corridors
Deliveries performed by autonomous vehicles at NKUA campus.

Other project activities 

ACS will also take part in several other tasks, with an overall participation in all WP’s