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TRACE Project

Project Coordination
Leader: NKUA
  • To effectively monitor the project
  • To identify project risks
  • To assure the high quality of the project outcomes
  • To guarantee that all ethical and legal issues related to the project research are being properly considered
Conceptual Framework
Leader: UTH
  • To extensively survey current efforts and existing solutions for shared logistics

  • To perform an extensive scientific survey of past and existing European projects related to TRACE

  • To identify, record and classify all the needs of the stakeholders and the end users

  • To refine specific applications for the system, along with suitable application scenarios for testing

  • To define the interfaces and systems

  • To provide end-user/applications and infrastructure requirements analysis

  • To establish performance metrics for the large-scale evaluation of the system in the envisioned real-life pilots

  • To provide the overall architecture of the system

  • To define the ethical requirements of the system

  • To study the risks compared to the benefits of the system in the specific application domain

Platform Design and Integration
Leader: INTRA
  • To design the data repositories, the software modules, the services and the hardware infrastructure and also to integrate such components in a cohesive platform
  • To utilize the requirements set in the WP2 in order to implement the corresponding subsystems
  • To deploy the software components according to the model as defined in WP2
  • To integrate the several hardware and software modules, through the implementation of the communication interfaces and according to the designed integration patterns
  • To provide the definition of verification and validation scenarios, together with metrics and success criteria for the evaluation of the different system peculiarities
  • To provide a proof of concept and evaluate the proposed system in terms of usability and effectiveness under real conditions
  • To execute the pilots and receive feedback
  • To produce a complete system evaluation report
  • To get feedback from users
  • To reveal the usability in real pilots.
Infrastructure & Ecosystem
Leader: NKUA
  • To provide the sensing and data collection capabilities of the ecosystem
  • To develop and organise the ecosystem which coordinates and schedules Freight movement
  • To provide a framework that supports logistics procedures
  • To provide support for data protection mechanisms
  • To employ vehicles with modules for a wide range of driving conditions
  • To implemented algorithms for freight scheduling and re-routing operations
Opportunities and Innovation
Leader: INC
  • To get and give feedback from/to the remaining WPs and the demonstrators

  • To perform the study on current gaps and barriers for innovation

  • To perform the study on the future opportunities based on the project outcomes

  • To perform the study on the current and necessary regulatory & governance frameworks

  • To expose novel business models built upon the envisioned research activities

  • To perform the study on social innovation and good practices that will positively affect al the actors in the logistics domain

Large-Scale Demonstration Activities
  • To deploy and configure the system for the planned pilots

  • To reveal the performance of the platform and validate its behaviour certifying that the prototype meets the defined specifications

  • To execute the pilots and receive feedback

  • To identify and apply slight modifications to the system for optimal performance, if necessary

  • To validate the expected behaviour of the entire system, through acceptance tests

  • To produce a complete system evaluation report; To get feedback from users and operators

  • To reveal the usability in real pilots

  • To demonstrate the applicability, usability and direct impact of the platform on real use cases and scenarios, covering various scientific, societal and industrial challenges

Outreach Activities and Impact Creation
Leader: INC
  • To design and develop the project dissemination and communications plan

  • To design, develop and maintain the content, channels and communities underlying the project’s dissemination plan

  • To openly and proactively disseminate and promote progress and results to a wide group of stakeholders

  •  To raise awareness, build consensus, and create visible/measurable impact in terms of the ability of all stakeholders to exploit lessons learned and best practices

  • To develop and implement a strategy for the individual and joint exploitation of the project’s outputs through channels and communities

  • To align, liaise and promote the activities with standardization bodies, open source communities and complementary initiatives

  • Contribute, upon invitation by the CINEA, to common information and dissemination activities to increase the visibility and synergies between HE/H2020 supported actions