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TRACE Project

Greek Pilot

The Greek pilot consists of three parts demonstrating the ability of the platform to realize efficient and secure shared logistics services and minimize the effects on the environment. AI algorithms will undertake the responsibility to optimize the synergy between different stakeholders in synchro-modal logistics operations (Part A). Through the proposed platform, collaborative activities will be examined to facilitate different stakeholders aligning their operations with special focus on the maximization of the use of environmentally friendly transportation means. Additionally, the pilot targets to deal with disruptive events in the supply chain exposing the ability of the platform to re-schedule routes using different means of transportation and conclude the appropriate mitigation actions to those events (Part B). The last part of the Greek pilot refers in the adoption of unmanned vehicles (ground and aerial) for performing last mile deliveries. The platform will assist in the definition of transport corridors for feeder vehicles that transfer parcels from a hub towards a safe area where those parcels will be distributed in multiple autonomous vehicles for last mile delivery. Safety and fast distribution will be performed by autonomous and heterogeneous vehicles travelling in a University campus and the surrounding road network.