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TRACE Project


AV Living Lab, d.o.o. (AVLL)

Short Profile

Founded in 2017, AV Living Lab is both a Mobility consulting company and a living lab. Located in BTC City Ljubljana—one of Europe’s largest business, shopping, and entertainment hubs—the company has carved out a unique multi-stakeholder “City as a Lab” ecosystem. This expansive environment, covering almost half a square kilometer with 11 km of roads and attracting 21 million visitors annually, serves as an multi-industry learning and testing ground. It is ideal for piloting human-centric innovations in mobility, autonomous driving, smart grids, logistics, retail, and smart cities.

Role in TRACE

AV Living Lab (AVLL) leads the work on Users and Functional Requirements with the aim of creating the TRACE Technical Requirements report, which explains the technical features of the platform. AVLL is also putting together a report that looks at possible social and economic opportunities and challenges, providing advice for authorities. AVLL oversees the Slovenian demonstration, specifically the pilot and its evaluation. AVLL will also take part in spreading the word about the project, communicating its benefits, and analysing its impact.