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TRACE Project


Blockchain 5.0 OÜ (BC5)

Short Profile

BC5 is an Estonian SME specializing in developing the next-generation Internet that’s cyber secure, privacy-preserving, decentralized, and quantum-safe, deploying DLT and non-DLT network architecture to enable a metaverse-ready Web 3.0. BC5 team comprises diverse expertise in software and hardware development. Our product development experience is very broad, and we have completed several blockchain/crypto projects for partners and clients that include wallets and smart contracts on Ethereum, Matic (Polygon), Elrond, Waves, and other DLTs for developing and implementing biometric SSI, automated market making and algo trading bots.

Role in TRACE

BC5 will assist the TRACE development with its expertise in Blockchain, DLT, Data Management, Privacy, Security & Interoperability. BC5 will be a part of Technical, Scientific and Innovation Management along with Data & IPR Management. BC5 will lead the development DLT infrastructure to support the logistics transactions. BC5 will design and develop the Blockchain Smart Contracts & SSID modules for the same. BC5 will also assist the consortium in developing the Cybersecurity and Data Protection modules to ensure the security of the V2I communication networks.