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TRACE Project

COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications Single Member S.A. (COSMOTE)

Short Profile

COSMOTE is a member of OTE Group and a member of Deutsche Telekom Group (since Mar/09). Launched in Apr/98, COSMOTE holds the leading market position in Greece since 2001 (>7.3m mobile subscribers, Q2/2023). COSMOTE has an impressive record of market firsts for its networks (2G to 5G). First to bring 5G to Greece, COSMOTE has the largest 5G network (>85% Greek population coverage targeting 90% until end/2023, and Mobile Internet speeds of >1Gbps in several areas). In 2023 COSMOTE was distinguished as “Greece’s fastest mobile network” for the 7th consecutive year, acc. to Ookla® and ‘Best in Test’ for mobile internet and voice services for the 9th consecutive time, acc. to umlaut.

Role in TRACE

COSMOTE contributes to the identification of challenges and opportunities related to providing logistics and autonomous vehicle services over 5G, and to the definition of the user and functional requirements, the TRACE use cases and KPIs. 

COSMOTE holds a key role in the design and implementation of the telecom infrastructure for the Greek demonstrations along Thessaloniki-Athens corridors and at NKUA campus. COSMOTE leads T3.4–Transport and Communication Infrastructures and contributes to the integration, testing, validation and evaluation activities of TRACE.

COSMOTE also contributes to the Business Modelling, as well as to the Exploitation, Suitability and Impact Analysis activities of the project.