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TRACE Project


Short Profile

CSEM founded in 1984, is a private non-profit research and technology organization active in microtechnology, nanotechnology, microelectronics, systems engineering, AI, photovoltaic, and communications technologies, for precision manufacturing, digitalization and sustainable energy. CSEM’s mission is to enhance the competitiveness of Swiss and European industry by developing applied technologies and transferring them to the industrial sector. CSEM is a recognized partner and coordinator of EU projects. Annual turnover 2020: 87.6 Mio CHF (~90 M€), 500+ highly qualified employees.

Role in TRACE

WP2 – Conceptual Framework / WP3 Platform Design and Integration
    • Participation in the definition of the vehicles and the sensors
    • Short range Ad-hoc wireless communication
    • Security, Edge AI & Vision if needed through dedicated platform
    • Hierarchical computing for embedded AI
    • Resource limited algorithm deployment for AI and vision
WP4 – Infrastructure & Ecosystem / WP6 Large-Scale Demonstration Activities
    • Italian demonstrator (#2)
    • Implementation and integration to the platform toward large scale deployment
    • mobile E2E security support in embedded device
    • Trace vehicle to vehicle resilient communication
    • Intelligent Vision sensors