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TRACE Project


Short Profile

DIFLY is an Italian SME specializing in the construction of drones with autonomy properties and real-time data analysis thanks to installed on-board computers. DIFLY is an EASA certified operator and can operate in all Open and STS-01 scenarios. The drones produced by DIFLY, meet the most modern safety requirements and correspond to the new EASA directives. DIFLY also develops artificial intelligence algorithms that can automate the calculation processes of data acquired from drones

Role in TRACE

DIFLY is involved in the Bologna demonstrator in which it will be responsible for transporting a small payload, mounted on a drone built specifically for the project by DIFLY, in the micrology field by connecting two stakeholders in an airborne manner.

Specifically, DIFLY will be responsible for:

    • regulatory analysis and feasibility study
    • permit application and drafting SORA analysis
    • scheduling ande planning of the flight mission
    • coordination with relevant agencies
    • transport of the test payload in the route agreed with stakeholders