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TRACE Project


Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia – (ISIG)

Short Profile

ISIG is a non-profit cultural institution based in Italy.  ISIG work develops through research, planning, consultancy, project implementation, training, organization of conferences and seminars.  The Institute is rooted in the regional context, but operates in an international framework and is recognized as a center of excellence for sociological research in the fields of international relations and cross-border cooperation, ethnic and minority relations, peace and conflict resolution, security, privacy and ethics, society and of social policies, of the economy and of local development, of democracy and of civil society, of the territory and of the management of environmental risk, of the future and of forecasting techniques. 

Role in TRACE

  1. ISIG will ensure compliance with Ethical and GDPR principles and provisions, as well as ensuring the continuous monitoring and adherence to national and international laws and regulations.
  2. Ethics and Societal Requirements:  
    • ISIG will support the definition of technical and non-technical methods to ensure that the principles for achieving trustworthy AI are adopted.  
    • ISIG will design the TRACE Participatory Model, developing methodologies and tools for promoting end-users and stakeholders’ involvement in all project phases.  
    • ISIG will support the analysis of citizens’ needs in terms of mobility and logistics, users’ mobility perception, acceptance, awareness and trust of synchromodal solutions.  
  3. Knowledge kit and roadmap for Europe: 
    • ISIG will develop a set of guidelines/recommendations targeting authorities and stakeholders for the efficient management of the delivered platform and its technicalities to end-users and commercial actors in the ICT, Avs, logistics domains and other scientific and industrial communities.