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TRACE Project

Fondazione Istituto sui Trasporti e la Logistica (ITL)

Short Profile

The Institute for Transport and Logistics (ITL) is a no profit body founded on 2003. Its purpose is to contribute to the development and promotion of logistics and transport systems in the Region Emilia-Romagna through research, consultancy and training.

ITL strategic vision is about triggering network relationship among public authorities (Emilia-Romagna Region, Provinces and municipalities, Ravenna port and related authorities), private companies (logistics providers, manufacturing companies, transport operators, etc.) and educational institutions.

Role in TRACE

ITL is mainly involved in the Italian demonstrator development and assessment (Modena and Bologna). ITL will play an important role in the development of the Bologna demonstrator related to the connection of micro-hubs to support goods delivery using drones.

Moreover ITL is involved in other project’s technical activities related to TRACE conceptual framework and impact creation.