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TRACE Project


omune di Modena (MOD)

Short Profile

The City of Modena (Comune di Modena) is the local authority governing Modena, an Italian city of 184,100 inhabitants, located in the Emilia-Romagna Region. For its economy based on industry (mechanical, tiles, biomedical, fashion, agrifood, IT sectors) and services, and a precious artistic, cultural and historical heritage, Modena is considered one of the most lively and innovative Italian middle-sized cities.

Its innovative capacity presents a wide range of solutions and projects distributed in various sectors – environment, mobility, energy – and a strong tradition of civic participation, making it the perfect place for companies and research centers willing to text solutions to be replicated at national or international scale.

Role in TRACE

The City of Modena hosts one of the Italian demonstrators, offering a simulation environment in a real 4km² urban area in its Autonomous driving living lab MASA, and a cycling path built on a disused railway line called Diagonale Verde.  

The technological infrastructure available in the area provides the scenario for experimenting the two functionalities of follow me and platooning of the 4 wheels cargo bike, with the aim of demonstrating that they might follow the bike messenger while he walks around densely populated areas or assuring the possibility to move in platooning with other cargo bikes.  

MOD will also take part in several other tasks, with an overall participation in many WPs.