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TRACE Project


Pošta Slovenije (PS)

Short Profile

PS is the only universal service provider of postal services in Slovenia. With more than 400 contact points and 3000 vehicles we cover day-to-day operations and deliver mail and parcels to every household in the country. PS play a critical role in the collection, processing and delivery of shipments and documents. As a noticeable contributor to society, we maintain communication, commerce, and connectivity within and between regions and countries. In addition to traditional postal services, Pošta Slovenije offers financial services, including savings accounts, payment services, and insurance products. These services are typically available through post offices and can serve as an important financial resource for the public. Like many postal operators worldwide, Pošta Slovenije invests in technology and innovation to improve efficiency, tracking, and customer experience. This includes online tracking, digital solutions, and automation.

Role in TRACE

As a pilot partner in the TRACE project, PS is a demonstrator and integrator of newly developed technologies into relevant commercial areas. With its domain knowledge and noticeable experience in the postal industry, PS will help build sustainable business models that will address environmental, business and societal needs.