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TRACE Project


Short Profile

TU WIEN has a focus on three key areas:
  • Firstly, TUW – MOVE is involved in creating a suitability framework for CAVs. This framework is designed to comprehensively assess the compatibility and feasibility of deploying CAVs in various environments. By considering factors such as infrastructure, traffic patterns, and other spatial variables, TUW – MOVE aims to provide decision-makers with a framework. 
  • Secondly, TUW – MOVE’s experts delve into the analysis of drivability and compatibility for CAVs. They closely examine how CAVs interact with their surroundings, including other vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure.  
  • Lastly, TUW – MOVE contributes to modeling freight trips for last-mile logistics in the CAV context. Recognizing the significance of efficient goods transportation, TUW – MOVE researchers develop models by leveraging advanced algorithms and data-driven insights. 

Role in TRACE

TU Wien’s role in the TRACE project is being facilitated by the University’s Transport System Planning research unit known as MOVE. MOVE is a division of TU Wien’s Institute for Spatial Planning and deals with teaching and research with transport, mobility and logistics in the context of spatial development and in interactions with social, technological and economic aspects. MOVE’s basic understanding integrates the demand- and supply-oriented perspective and its research activities focus on social and technical innovations in the field of mobility and transport. MOVE draws on a wide range of methodological skills, ranging from quantitative and qualitative methods of social research and traffic modeling to economic and ecological evaluation methods that are used in complex research designs.