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TRACE Project

Presentation of TRACE Platform Highlights Future of Last-Mile Logistics

Presentation of TRACE Platform Highlights Future of Last-Mile Logistics

Portorož, Slovenia – June 18th-19th, 2024 – The scenic coastal town of Portorož hosted a groundbreaking event on June 18-19, where the TRACE platform was presented by our partner AV Living Lab, spotlighting its pivotal role in revolutionizing last-mile logistics. The event attracted industry leaders, technology enthusiasts, and urban planners.

The TRACE project, renowned for its innovative approach to optimizing last-mile delivery, showcased how it seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

During the event, attendees were introduced to TRACE’s advanced features, including real-time tracking, route optimization, and predictive analytics, which collectively aim to streamline the final leg of the supply chain.

A highlight of the event was an engaging lecture on the use of drones and robotic delivery vehicles. Experts discussed the transformative potential of autonomous logistics solutions, emphasizing how drones and robots can significantly improve delivery times, reduce traffic congestion, and lower carbon emissions. These advancements are particularly crucial for urban areas, where traditional delivery methods often face significant challenges.

The presentation also delved into the broader implications of these technologies on urban infrastructure. Autonomous delivery systems necessitate a rethinking of city planning and the development of new regulatory frameworks. The speakers addressed these challenges, advocating for proactive collaboration between tech developers, urban planners, and policymakers to create a conducive environment for the deployment of autonomous logistics solutions.