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TRACE Project

TRACE 2nd Plenary Meeting in Malta: A Milestone Event

TRACE 2nd Plenary Meeting in Malta: A Milestone Event

On the 13th and 14th of May, the TRACE project held its 2nd Plenary Meeting against the stunning backdrop of Malta. This gathering was a crucial milestone, marking significant progress in the initial phase of our ambitious project.

Key Objectives and Discussions

The meeting aimed to facilitate in-depth dialogue among partners regarding the project’s progress and the activities aligned with its primary objectives. Representatives from all consortium members came together to review achievements, address challenges, plan future steps, and ensure the alignment of the various tools and technologies being employed in the TRACE project.

Meeting Highlights

Several critical topics were discussed during the two-day event:

    • TRACE Architecture & Components Integration
    • Blockchain & Semantics
    • Stream Handler & Scheduler/Route Optimizer
    • Virtual Reality
    • Datasets, API & Data Model
    • Security & KPIs System
    • Intensive Workshops for Upcoming Pilots

In preparation for our upcoming pilots in Greece, Italy, and Slovenia, we conducted three intensive workshops focused on:

    • Hardware (vehicles, sensors, network)
    • Workflows & Edge Infrastructure
    • Network & Communication Interfaces

Additional Discussions

The meeting also included discussions on user engagement strategies, intellectual property rights (IPR), and business model strategies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the project’s success.

Special Acknowledgment

We extend a special thank you to our partner, Epsilon SA Malta Edition, for their impeccable organization of this event, which played a crucial role in the meeting’s success.

The 2nd Plenary Meeting in Malta was a testament to the dedication and collaboration of all TRACE partners, setting a solid foundation for the next phases of our project. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advance our mission.