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TRACE Project

TRACE at 11th International Logistics Congress

TRACE at 11th International Logistics Congress

The University of Maribor, in partnership with Post of Slovenia, took center stage at the Research Day of the 11th International Logistics Congress held in Portorož, Slovenia, as they unveiled the ambitious TRACE project. The event served as a platform to spotlight the project’s objectives and hurdles, along with a live pilot demonstration at BTC City Ljubljana, where a spectrum of delivery methods, including autonomous robot delivery, underwent rigorous testing.

At its core, the TRACE project is pioneering a universal platform designed to seamlessly integrate logistics services, thereby streamlining the management and optimization of logistics processes across various service providers. The enthusiastic response from industry experts underscores the project’s potential to revolutionize the logistics landscape.

Pošta Slovenije, in collaboration with local partners AV Living Lab and FGPA (UM), is spearheading the implementation of a pilot demonstration focused on autonomous delivery vehicles. This initiative aims to leverage cutting-edge autonomous technologies alongside consolidation points to reduce carbon emissions, alleviate traffic congestion in the BTC area, and explore synchromodal logistic operations powered by AI and blockchain technologies.

The 2024 Logistics Congress delved deep into the realm of comprehensive logistics services, accentuating the integration of artificial intelligence and the efficient deployment of MES systems in production to bolster production supply chains. A key highlight of the congress was the discourse on the practicality of utilizing “clean” electricity in logistics and the pivotal role of regional presence in optimizing supply chain efficiency.

This year’s congress provided a platform to explore avant-garde trends and best practices in logistics, enriched by real-world deployment experiences. The gathering facilitated constructive dialogues among stakeholders spanning industries, logistics and transport services, digital solutions, regulatory bodies, academia, and sales, reaffirming its status as a pivotal event in the logistics arena.