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TRACE Project

TRACE at BEYOND 2024 Expo in Thessaloniki

TRACE at BEYOND 2024 Expo in Thessaloniki

In a bustling fusion of innovation and technology, the BEYOND 2024 Expo in Thessaloniki played host to the unveiling of TRACE’s groundbreaking smart mobility solutions. Held from April 25th to 27th, BEYOND Expo has solidified its position as a leading international tech event, attracting the brightest minds and cutting-edge companies from Southeast Europe, the Mediterranean, and MENA regions.

TRACE took center stage with its visionary approach to redefining urban mobility. Under the theme “Mobility Reimagined: Smart Mobility Solutions for Sustainable Cities,” TRACE key assets and innovations were presented by the project’s coordinator, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in a talk that illuminated the path towards smarter, more sustainable urban transportation systems.

The presentation was part of the side event, the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CONFERENCE: THE AGE OF AI, which delved deep into the potential, challenges, and impact of AI on industry and society. The conference provided a dynamic platform for visionaries, industry leaders, and technology enthusiasts to explore the limitless possibilities of AI while also addressing critical ethical considerations, emphasizing a human-centric approach.

Titled “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & DIGITAL ADMINISTRATION IN LOCAL AUTHORITIES,” the conference attracted distinguished speakers from Greece and abroad, underscoring the global significance of the discussions surrounding AI and its applications in governance and public administration.