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TRACE Project

TRACE at INFOCOM World Conference 2023 – Diginvest in Greece: New Horizons!

TRACE project innovative concepts and developments was presented by Mrs. Ioanna Mesogiti, Senior R&D Engineer, COSMOTE – Mobile Telecommunications S.A., at INFOCOM World Conference, held in Athens, Greece on December 14th, 2023.
The presentation was part of the session “5G Innovative Actions for Vertical Sectors with Third Party Services” that was organised in the context of the Research-oriented Workshop “Modern Research and Development Projects: Creating the Pillar for Investment and Innovations in the ICT Converged (Vertical) Markets”.
Infocom World Conference stands as the most outstanding event in Greece in the fields of Mobile Telephony, ICT, next-generation networks and innovative applications and services. The last 25 years have been a hub for industry leaders, experts from leading telecommunications companies, researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, showcasing the transformative potential of connectivity, promoting collaboration and encouraging the exchange of ideas, know-how, and remarkable research results.

Presentation Title: TRACE: Integration and Harmonization of Logistics Operations. To see the full presentation, click here