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TRACE Project

TRACE in Austrian Television website

TRACE in Austrian Television website

TRACE’s innovative concepts and upcoming pilots in Slovenia, Italy, and Greece are expected to explore international possibilities for automated delivery vehicles. These initiatives are highlighted in a truly interesting article featured on the news site of the Austrian national television.

The article delves into the global surge of delivery robots, mentioning their current usage in countries like Estonia, Finland, the UK, the USA, and Saudi Arabia. These robots, resembling bicycle trailers, are already a common sight in some cities, providing amusing encounters in daily life.

The article raises questions about the potential introduction of delivery robots in Austrian cities and evaluates the practicality of such a move.

Various experts, including our colleague Jonathan Fetka, Urban Planner at Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien), share their perspectives.

While there are perceived benefits, such as aiding in the last-mile delivery process, the text emphasizes challenges, including limited profitability for companies due to low payload capacity. The legal framework and regulatory issues surrounding the use of delivery robots in Austria are also discussed.

The article highlights alternative solutions, such as collaborative logistics and innovative city logistics concepts. It concludes by underlining the importance of addressing fundamental questions related to spatial distribution, efficiency, and sustainability in urban logistics.

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