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TRACE Project


Integration and Harmonization of Logistics Operations

TRACE is a HORIZON project that targets to offer a universal platform with functionalities related to planning, scheduling, optimization and events management

TRACE Objectives


Integrate, harmonize and orchestrate independent logistics operations with heterogeneous processes


Design and implement an intelligent platform for combining open and shared logistics services for enhancing transparent collaboration activities


Design and implement the appropriate AI modules for supporting the automated synchromodal services in the logistics domain


Implement the appropriate infrastructure for supporting dynamic flows towards the optimization of logistics services


Implement a set of European demonstrators adopting intelligent logistics operations in real traffic conditions


Perform a study on barriers and opportunities for realizing a logistics networks


Perform a study on barriers and opportunities for realizing a logistics network


Study the governance of logistics networks and regulations around Europe and Worldwide


Perform the necessary outreach activities to raise the attractiveness and visibility of the platform while enhancing the collaboration with external actors and stakeholders.

TRACE Consortium

There are 28 partners from 11 countires (Greece, Luxemburg, Spain, Austria, Estonia, UK, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Switzerland) in the TRACE consortium, exhibiting a wide European coverage and International reach. The TRACE consortium combines multidisciplinary competences required to design and implement the proposed platform, but also to demonstrate its capabilities over realistic use cases while generating impact.

Use Cases

Greek Demonstrator
Locations: Thessaloniki to Athens corridors, NKUA campus Athens
Italian Demostrator
Locations: Bologna, Modegna,
Slovenian Demostrator
Location: Ljubljana

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